Posted by: juliegirl | May 10, 2009

new critters…unwanted

Since January, I have been harvesting enough collards from this crop to feed three or four people a week. I have been amazed at how prolific these four plants have been this year, and I have to admit that it’s fun to have spare collard greens to give away. But I think my luck has run out because all at once the caterpillars and snails have arrived. Aggressively arrived.

plant optLook closely at the top leaf. The underside is just covered with caterpillars.

I’ve been spraying with BT every other day but I can’t seem to get ahead of the caterpillars. I’m manually removing the snails but they have started multiplying like crazy. I put out snail bait, and Oso ended up eating enough of it that, even though it’s organic, the vet had me bring him in for observation. (Of course, he was fine.) And the snails kept coming.

The swiss chard has never even been harvested because it is being completely pulverized by some unknown critter. I sat for 20 minutes watching the chard yesterday and I didn’t see anything on it. I’m going to have to do some more research. Maybe it’s the birds?

100_1064 100_1066

Swiss Chard or Swiss Cheese? You decide.

Also unidentified are the bugs on the peppers. Small dots, no bugs in sight. Grrr.


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