Posted by: juliegirl | May 26, 2009

may garden journal

It’s May, and my handy-dandy guide is giving me important advice. Mostly, it’s all about WATER! It’s getting HOT here, and my plants are feeling it.

100_1164Greens: covered in caterpilars and snails. I’m having success with Diatomaceous Earth, which is earthworm casings that cut up soft-bellied pests. Die, snails, die! I’m harvesting huge amounts of collards still. They’re covered in holes, but I can usually get them before they’re too far gone to eat. Delicious!

Tomatoes: I pulled three tomatoes off the one plant that didn’t get comletely pulverized by a caterpillar. (Have you ever seen those things? In one day, one very fat green caterpillar can eat an entire tomato plant down to the nub.) Most of my tomatoes were infested before I could harvest. Next year: cherry tomatoes.

Peppers: nice growth on the yellow bell peppers. So much so that they are shading the red peppers. I’m going to have to move them but I’m not sure about disturbing them in this heat. I’ll wait for a cool spell (if we get another one).


Cucumbers: nothing. Just leaves. I built this raised bed and I’m not sure after getting the cucumbers settled if it’s big enough for the roots.100_1063

Yellow Squash: Beautiful leaves. I’m the most excited about these guys. (And it’s my favorite vegetable, so even better!)

Swiss Chard: I can’t figure out what’s eating these guys. I’ve pretty much given up.

Herbs: No real growth, and Oso keeps using the Herb Bed as a step ladder, so the oregano is shot. I’m hoping to get some real traction on the rosemary this summer. It’s loving the heat.

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