Posted by: juliegirl | June 7, 2009

more pests

The back shed (a.k.a. “the bad place”) was at one time a neatly organized storage site for paint, garden tools, a pushmower, and my power tool collection. Before evacuating for Hurricane Katrina,all from mac 113 I stacked the shed to the rafters with anything loose in the backyard, including furniture and potted plants. It stayed that way for over a year and became a home for spiders, mice, and more junk. Gradually over time, I’ve removed the important tools and started just tossing things inside from a safe space at the door.

I made a handy peg board frame on the bathroom door (in the laundry room on the way out to the backyard) so I can always find the tools I use all the time. And I continued to throw things into the shed that I did100_1363n’t know what to do with, knowing I’d never go in there again if I could help it.

Last week, my wonderful boyfriend asked innocently “want me to clean out the shed?” He didn’t seem quite as scared as I was about the potential deadliness of the spiders (he’s an actual scientist, which makes him slightly more rational than the average person) so off he went to haul everything out. In the process he found a child’s bicycle, the pushmower, three garden hoses (bringing the grand total of unnecessarily purchased hoses up to 6). He also informed me that I had created a comfortable habitat for a community of roaches by throwing a papasan chair cushion in there, and he found this incredible (but dead) spider.


When the roaches scattered the chickens went wild! And now I have a cleaned-out shed to (neatly) stash everything again.


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