Posted by: juliegirl | June 19, 2009

june garden journal

June brings even hotter weather. It’s too late to fertilize, so I missed the boat until later in the season. I’m still working on pest control and making sure everyone’s getting enough water to produce beautiful fruit!

Greens: new growth all the time. I chopped down one plant that had gone to seed, and even though the second plant went to seed, it’s still producing great, leafy greens. If I pick them early when they’re still small, the bugs don’t get them too bad.

Tomatoes: nothing since May



Peppers: really great growth! The yellow peppers and hot peppers are cruising along. I can’t wait to see them turn from green to yellow.


Cucumbers: This bed may be in the wrong place–it might be too hot. But there are several little cucumbers starting to grow, and the vines are trellising nicely.

100_1318 100_1316

Yellow Squash: One day I came outside and all three plants were dead. Either Oso peed on them or they got WAY too hot. The other plant in their bed did fine, so I’m not sure what happened. Very disappointing, though, since I’ve been watching those grow for a few months in anticipation!100_1161

Swiss Chard: still swiss.

Herbs: Another bed that I think it getting too much sun. In the fall I want to move the plants so I can have a whole bed of basil and a whole bed of rosemary. I’ve been using the fresh herbs in the kitchen so much that they’re pretty depleted.


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