Posted by: juliegirl | July 19, 2009

hollygrove box

I’m thrilled about the Hollygrove Market. They’re growing lots of veggies and raising chickens out there, but the coolest thing is that they order up local produce each week. Our very own CSA here in uptown New Orleans, and you can opt in for a $25 box of produce each week. Only problem, the first box of produce I bought, I didn’t know how to cook everything in the box and half of it went bad in the fridge. And I wondered if $25 was a reasonable amount for the box, and if it could feed me for a whole week.

Here we are, a few months later. I’m on week two of eating no meat, so I’m needing more vegetables, and I’m newly committed to seeing if this CSA thing can work for me. I picked up my box at Hollygrove last Saturday, and here was what was in it:

-one beautiful eggplant
-three yellow squash
-four anaheim peppers
-five creole tomatoes
-two red bell peppers
-one bag of locally grown rice
-one carton of mushrooms
-one carton of blueberries
-five plums
-three nectarine
-one bag of okra

This time, I went home and surveyed my box. I got online and started collecting recipes and mapped out the whole week’s worth of meals so I could make sure I used everything in the box. I went grocery shopping to supplement the box and now we can tally up the amount for the week and see if this is possible and affordable.

Hollygrove Box: $25
Meat and Watermelon (Hollygrove): $17
Grocery Shopping: $80
Eating Out costs: $50
Total food costs for the week: $172

Not exactly affordable in the long run, but there are some things I can do to bring down the cost this week. (Some of the things I bought at the grocery were staples I will use for a long time.) I liked the process of planning everything out, and by the end of the week the only produce I had left were two cucumbers. Below is the rundown of recipes for the week. Note: most of the dinners served two plus leftovers for lunches.

Saturday Dinner100_1647

Eggplant Napoleon (recipe: Epicurious)
Grilled vegetables, stacked between layers of cheese and skewered with ros
emary sprig.

From the Box: Eggplant, yellow squash, creole tomatoes

From the Garden: Rosemary

From the Grocery: ricotta cheese, mozarella cheese, zucchini, 2 red onions, red potatoes

Grilled Nectarines

From the Box: Nectarines, grilled up so sweet!

Bought/used: Balsamic Vinegar reduction and frozen yogurt

Sunday Breakfast: out

Sunday Dinner

Mushroom Ragout (recipe: Hollygrove Market)


Light mushroom stew, made in a white wine reduction and served over rice.

From the Box: mushrooms, creole tomatoes, rice

From the Garden: mustard greens (substituted for chard), parsley, cowhorn peppers

From the Grocery: two large portobello mushrooms, onion, wine

Anaheim Cheese Peppers (recipe: Jacqui Gibson)
Peppers cut in half and roasted in the oven with mozarella cheese and peppers for flavor.

From the Box: anaheim peppers

From the Garden: cowhorn peppers

Bought: mozarella cheese

Blueberry Dessert (recipe Jaccqui Gibson)

From the Box: Blueberries

From Home: Balsamic vinegar reduction

Monday lunch

leftover Eggplant Napoleon and Anaheim Cheese Peppers

Monday dinner

pita chips and hummus, leftover Eggplant Napoleon

Tuesday lunch

leftover Mushroom Ragout, and Anaheim Cheese Peppers, plum

Tuesday dinner: out

Wednesday lunch

leftover Mushroom Ragout and pita chips/hummus

Wednesday dinner

Steak and Shrimp Kabobs (recipe Epicurious)100_1649
In a shallot-dijon-red wine vinegar marinade, shrimp, steak, and vegetable kabobs on the grill.

From the Box: creole tomatoes, yellow squash, okrah

From the Garden: shallots, red peppers

From the Grocery: grass-fed beef (from Hollygrove) and shrimp, zucchini

From Home: Dijon mustard, red wine vinegar

Dessert: blueberries and balsamic reduction

Thursday Lunch

leftover kabobs, plum

Thursday dinner: out

Friday lunch

leftover kabobs, plum

Friday dinner


Stuffed Peppers (recipe Epicurious)

Red peppers cut lengthwize and stuffed with ground turkey, zucchini, spinach, peppers, and rosemary.

From the Box: red peppers

From the Garden: parsley, egg, rosemary, cowhorn peppers

From the Grocery: ground turkey, zucchini, spinach, breadcrumbs, tomato sauce, mozarella cheese


Saturday Breakfast

Scrambled Eggs (compliments of Calcasieu)

From the Box: anaheim pepper, chopped

From the Garden: eggs, cowhorn peppers

From the Grocery: ricotta cheese


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