Posted by: juliegirl | July 31, 2009

transplant mishaps

The yellow pepper plants have grown so huge that they’re overshadowing the rest of the plants in the pepper bed. I moved the red peppers to a new bed and scootched over the yellow peppers so they’d have more room. Bad idea.

100_1616droopy peppers

So I side dressed them with my first harvest from the compost bin which, as you can see, looks just like poop. I’m watering for a l-o-n-g time each night to encourage the roots to dig deep.


It helped a little, but on most hot days, the peppers are still droopy. What to do?



  1. Hey now Julie, it’s Bob Shaw, Carla’s pal. I’d like to catch up with you sometime to talk about permacuture. I went to a workshop decades ago, put some aspects into practice when I ran a nature center, but have given my principles a rest with our current urban garden. I was just starting to think semi-seriously again about various aspects of permacuture which might be practical in N.O., when I saw your mention of it… Have you ever read Bill Mollison’s stuff? Let’s talk!

    The peppers’ transplant shock could be lessened by removing the fruits and some of the leaves – – so that the newly disturbed roots don’t have so much demand to keep up with. If I’m moving something in the middle of the summer (which I don’t often do much), any sort of temporary shade helps, also. Even just some pine needles to lightly shade a small transplant. The only other thing is that I’d be careful about watering every night, so that you don’t encourage root-rotting funguses, etc. If I didn’t see your picture clearly, or am telling you things you already know, or worse, have heard and think are wrong, sorry on any of those accounts!

    Also, from afar, you might have run into squash vine borers, which I’ve seen take out plants of mine and friends – – this was up in Maryland. Just as you said, the plants look great, then bam, they’re wilted to nothing. I haven’t grown squash for a while, nor down here, so I’d have to look up some suggested preventative measures. Sorry I don’t have it off the top of my head…

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