Posted by: juliegirl | October 18, 2009

scared chickens, sad julie

It’s been three weeks since the chickens have laid any eggs. I had to BUY eggs last week, something which seemed so awful to have to do. I thought they were too hot. I thought they were dehydrated, not eating enough, feeling fussy about the poopiness in their coop. But no.

It’s the rats.

A month ago, a rat got caught in their mesh fence, and then another one appeared in plain sight, sending them scattering across the yard. Once, a rat actually pried open their food container, which was a pretty amazing feat. This all prompted me to call the Orkin guy. And thought it’s difficult to kill just ONE animal species in the backyard without murdering the other two, his glue traps have done nothing to curb the population.  I’ve still seen rats running back and forth from the back shed to their food area.


Barricaded shed and (L-R) Calcasieu, Evangeline, and Lafourche

My wonderful boyfriend braved the back shed, put down poison, and then barricaded off the shed so no chickens could get in. And I’ve re-chicken-wired their home and cooped them up in it for a while just to try to create some safety. It means I’m replacing the water every day again, and having to feed twice a day. But if it lets them know that they are safe in their coop, I’m all for it.


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