Posted by: juliegirl | November 10, 2009

soy problems

Watching Food, Inc. and its field after field of genetically altered soybeans, I said to myself, “My organic soy milk can’t be made from genetically modified soybeans, can it?”  I googled “Monsanto soy beans silk soy milk” and I found out that not only is Silk Soy Milk using genetically modified soybeans, it’s not even organic anymore.

Apparently, Dean Foods just acquired Silk SoyMilk and, even though it’s no longer organic and now uses genetically modified soybeans, the packaging is the same. I didn’t even notice that they changed their product, and I’m guessing they planned it that way.

And when we talk about “genetically modified soybeans,” we mean that Silk soybeans are among the 90% of soy beans grown in this country from seeds made by the company Monsanto. They have developed a soybean that resists their pesticide, so you can grow Monsanto soybeans, spray the shit out of them with Monsanto pesticide and the soybean sprout is the only thing that emerges from the agent-orange-like mist.

Monsanto is the company that created Agent Orange, and it’s also the company that has patented its seeds so that you can’t save your seeds and grow year to year. You have to keep buying new seeds from Monsanto to keep growing your crop. And even if a seed blows into your yard from a neighboring farm, you can be sued for growing it since it’s patented and you didn’t pay for it. Monsanto is even suing people that clean seeds…even though they clean non-Monsanto seeds. Because they *might* encourage people to clean Monsanto seeds. What they’re doing goes against nature–to disrupt the biological process and inhibit the natural function of a seed is just, well, evil.

The Cornucopia Institute is a non profit research organization whose goal is to “empower farmer-partnered with consumers-in support of ecologically produced local, organic, and authentic food.”


They’ve done research on all the soy products out there and rate each one based on what percent of organic soy beans is in the product, manufacturing practices, and the source of their soybeans (among other things).

You can find this report at

The problem is, there aren’t that many soymilk products made without genetically modified soybeans that have been exposed to pesticides. There were only a few that were even familiar to me, and I’m a soymilk drinker. I’m printing the list and taking it to Whole Foods and telling them they should only be stocking those brands. And I’m writing Silk right away to complain. You can too, here.


  1. I watched Food Inc last night and searched the same thing and that is how I found your site. I really cannot believe this. This is our food, our nutrition, our way to survive. When did it come to this a corrupt government lying to us and giving up foods that are harming us. I will be doing the same thing you are doing and never buying silk again.

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