Posted by: juliegirl | April 10, 2010

the flock’s okay

Well, Evangeline got her first road trip today. Somehow, I got her in the cat carrier and took the trip out to Metairie and the Exotic Animal Vet. She complained the whole time.

Dr. Pence was glad to meet her, and took some blood from under her wing (and agreed to this lovely picture).

She also showed me how to clip their wings, which will keep them from flying out of their fenced in area. Thank god–I’d been avoiding clipping for a while now, battling the flight issue by setting up barriers, netting in the whole coop, and endlessly complaining when I walk out in the morning and discover a stray chicken roaming the yard and chomping my tomato plants. Now that it’s FINALLY spring, I want to re-plant the backyard and can’t risk Calcasieu, Lafourche, and Evangeline escaping daily.

The blood test came back great. Evangeline is fine, and so are the rest of the girls. A little good news along with the bad.

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