Meet the critters!


The pooch of the house is a six year old rescue dog, probably a golden retriever and chow mix. He’s cheerful, bossy, clumsy, and obsessed with socks. He snuggles. He loves dinner time, long walks (who doesn’t?) and nesting in backyard dirt. He pulls on the leash, sniffs inappropriately, and has been implicated in at least one chicken disappearance. He tries his hardest to be polite when greeting visitors at the door, he sleeps under the bed, and responds happily to the command, “kiss.”


Wet Dog


Dry Dog


Chewbacca is the newest addition. I originally thought I’d get Oso a puppy since he’s slightly anxious and owner-obsessed, but I’m not exactly in the life place to deal with a puppy. And when the mouse problem got outrageous…. well, adopting a cat was on the table. His name was “Chewie” at the SPCA. We thought “Chewbacca,” naturally. When we got him home, we realized the name described his habit of CHEWING… everything. He also moves skeins of yarn around the house, torments (and entertains) Oso, and has completely solved the mouse problem. Bravo, Chewie.

Happy Cat

The Flock



Calcasieu (CAL-cuh-shoe)

Lafourche (Luh-FOOSH)




Assumption  and Ascension (can’t tell them apart)

Where do the chickens live? Go here to see the chicken coop and learn how to build your own.

Want to see chicks grow from 1 week to 2 months old? Go here .

Wonder which chickens lay which eggs? Go here to see each girl’s distinctive style.

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